Representation Matters: Do We Need a Black Running Magazine?

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Until the lion has his own storyteller the hunter will always have the best stories.

-African Proverb, Various Countries

Someone asked us why we need a Black running magazine. ‘We’re all runners, right?’ Yes, we are all runners and should all be represented. Looking at the covers and pages of major running publications you might not be able to tell there is actual diversity in our beloved sport.

Let’s keep it real; people want to see people who look like them when they pick up a magazine, a book, browse to a website, check out that dope blog, and hear themselves on that podcast. So ‘Hell yeah!’ we want to see ourselves, too.

We have grown tired of being sick and tired about not seeing us represented.  This magazine is the beginning of what we are doing about it. This magazine is going to be Black focused, not exclusive.  We are going to tell our stories in text, image, and voice.  We are going to do this our way.  It will be unconventional at times, and perhaps conventional other times.

We will do our best to provide dope content for you.  We want to be engaging and give you a reason to come back to us. We will try some new things, and we will fail at some.  Hang in there with us. We don’t know what we don’t know, but we are not going to let that hold us back from bringing you new content with our own flavor.

A lot of our content will come from ideas we discuss in our Facebook group, “Black Runners Connection.” We guess you could call the group our “Ride or Die” or our “Day Ones!”  Our BRC Cousins keep it real with us.  They have grown with us and given us the organic direction we needed to get to here. You may be reading this article and forming opinions about the necessity of this magazine.  Whatever side—yay or nay—you come down on just know we are doing this!  We see the need. We are helping fill that need. Even if we aren’t the best, know we are going to do our best.


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